Indian Winter 2018

My Fellow Arrowmen,

I would like to formally invite you all to this year’s Indian Winter event. It will be a weekend focused around AIA (American Indian Activities) and learning how Kawida Lodge works. Want to get more involved with the Lodge? This is a great way to get started! There will be Native American dancing, ceremonies, drumming, flute-playing, Native American crafts, games, fellowship, and more. I hope to see you all there!

Trey E.

Lodge Chief

Event Details:

  • The event begins at Camp McKee on January 19th at 6:00PM and ends on the 21st at 10:30AM.
  • Registration cost is $25
  • Packing list can be found on the registration form HERE.
  • Walk-ins highly discouraged!


Register online for Indian Winter by clicking


Do You Have Your Thunder-Card Yet?



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  • 2018-Fall Fellowship
  • 2018-TWO Ordeals of your choice!
  • 2018-Winter Banquet
  • 2019-Indian Winter

Grand Total Saved: $40!

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2018 NOAC

The 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be held on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana from July 30 to August 4, 2018. Kawida Lodge has been be given a quota of 18 youth and five adults. ( NOAC staff members must register separately and will not impact the council’s quota)

Current plans are to travel to Bloomington July 29th, attend the Trade-0-ee and spend the night in a local motel with check in at the NOAC on the 30th. Cost is estimated as being between $600 and $680 depending on wither the council can secure the use of two vans for transportation. The fee includes all housing, all meals starting with lunch on the 29th thru lunch on the 4th, 5 patches for trading, a t-shirt, insurance and registration materials during the conference. Payment will be made in three installments: $100 due at registration, $300 on March 1, 2018 , and the balance on May 1, 2018.

Because space is limited, and you are interested in attending please contact Mike Warman at as soon as possible to get your name on the list of possible attendees.


Calling all youth brothers!

Think back to when you were first inducted into the OA. Remember that Arrowman who sought you out or the Indian that played the drum. Remember how you felt during your call out with all the Indians talking, the drum being played loudly, and the two Arrowmen running back and forth picking boys. Would you want to be one of those men?

The Vice Chief of Brotherhood is currently seeking out people for our ceremonies teams this year. If you are interested email and cc Please include Name and Honor so we can call upon you when needed!