Wednesday, October 01, 2014
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  • Fall Fellowship: October 3-5, 2014 - Camp McKee. Register online here or with a paper form here.
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    Fall Fellowship

    Fall Fellowship-Will You be there??

    This will not be an ordinary Fellowship event. For the first time ever, Fall Fellowship has a theme. Tailgate Gameday is coming to Camp McKee on October 3-5.

    The Kawida Lodge LEC has created a plan for this event that will make this the best Fall Fellowship ever!!! The shooting ranges and climbing tower will be open. The chapters will compete against each other in epic games. There will be plenty of patches to trade. Brotherhood Conversion will happen Saturday evening.

    Come support your chapter in the games, enjoy the ranges and tower, eat good food, and fellowship with your brothers.

    This won't be just any fellowship. This will be Fall Fellowship, Tailgate Gameday style, with Kawida flair.

    Will you be there??

    Sign up online here or with a paper form here!!

    Also, check out the tentative schedule here!


    Fall Ordeal Recap

    Fall Ordeal was a success! We had 32 candidates complete their Ordeal, and five members convert to Brotherhood. The candidates completed many service projects for Camp McKee, including taking down and folding all the tents in camp and taking them to the maintenance area for storage, finishing clearing construction debris from the Adirondack Shelters, assembling the latest edition of the Thunderbird, and setting up bunk beds in Keeneland.

    Congratulations to those who completed the Ordeal, and to our new Brotherhood members!!

    We hope to see all our new members at Fall Fellowship!


    Fall Ordeal

    The Fall Ordeal is less than a week away! This will be the last ordeal in 2014, and the standard is set high from the ordeals earlier this year. We need your help to make it the best Ordeal that Kawida Lodge has ever seen!!!

    If you have been nominated for membership in the Order, this is your last chance this year to complete the Ordeal, so be sure to sign up! If you completed your Ordeal more than ten months ago, you are eligible for Brotherhood! Check the 'Brotherhood Conversion' box on your registration form. If you have just completed your Ordeal recently, we want to meet you! Come out and see what the Order looks like after your Ordeal, make new friends, and enjoy good food! If you are already Brotherhood, we'd love to have your help!

    Registration begins at 6 PM on Friday at Stamler Dining Hall, and the event will end at 10:00 AM on Sunday. It will be an exciting weekend!

    Check out these links for registration and the Ordeal packing list!

    See you at Camp McKee on Friday, September 5th!!


    Second Summer Ordeal Recap

    The Second Summer Ordeal was a great event! Candidates completed several service projects, including tearing down cots in the campsites and putting them in storage and removing brick from the Adirondack Shelters. 23 candidates successfully completed the Ordeal, and seven members sealed their membership in the Order by converting to Brotherhood.

    Thanks to all the Arrowmen who came out to help, and congratulations to our new members!!!


    Second Summer Ordeal

    The Second Summer Ordeal will be held August 8-10 at Camp Mckee. If your troop nominated you for membership in the Order of the Arrow, come to this Ordeal to become a member of the Order! Once you are a member, you can attend all our awesome Lodge events and be a part of next year's centennial NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference)!

    If you are an Arrowman already, you can still attend! Ordeals are fun events filled with service, good food, and fellowship. You can come hang out, talk with your brothers in the Lodge, play games, and help make the event run smoothly! Also, if you are an Ordeal member and it has been over 10 months since your Ordeal, you can seal your membership in the Order by converting to Brotherhood.

    The Second Summer Ordeal will be a great event! Sign up online now by clicking here, or download and print a paper form here!

    The Ordeal packing list can be found here.

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