Spring Fellowship CODENAME: Silver Bow

Congratulations new cadets!

You have been accepted into the Thunder  Force Academy! The time has come to train the next generation of arrowman for this new century of the Order. Our agency needs people like you to answer this call to action. On March 17-19, you are to report to the Camp McKee Headquarters in Clay City and begin your field training. As cadets, you will learn various stealth techniques, how to defuse bombs, and be able to take on the Academy’s rigorous obstacle course. It won’t be easy, but if you work together with your fellow arrowman, you just may be able to make it to graduation. Do you have what it takes to become an “Agent of Service”?


Calling all youth brothers!

Think back to when you were first inducted into the OA. Remember that Arrowman that seeked you out or the Indian that played the drum. Remember how you felt during your call out with all the Indians talking, the drum being played loudly, and the 2 Arrowman running back and forth picking boys . Would you want to be one of those men .

The Vice Chief of Brotherhood is currently seeking out people for our ceremonies teams this year. If you are interested email viceofbrotherhood@kawida.org and cc ceremonies@kawida.org Please include Name and Honor so we can call upon you when needed!

Mission: Conclave

Brothers, Conclave is right around the corner, this year we will be traveling to the …very lovely Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge at Camp Boxwell in the Middle Tennessee Council just outside of Nashville, TN. With the conclave so close to home this year we need a MASSIVE turnout from the awesome Kawida Lodge.

On April 28-30 we will meet and bring home the quest games trophy.

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