Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Conclave: April 25-27, 2014 - Camp McKee. Online registration now closed - see you there!
Spring Ordeal: May 9-11, 2014 - Camp McKee. Register online here or with a paper form here.

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Important Information about Conclave 2014!

This article contains important information about Conclave 2014 Service Lodge Staff. Please read all the way through. Thanks!!

Before Conclave:

  • Remember to bring your current BSA medical form (Parts A & B; signed by a parent if you're under 18) and a scan of your insurance card.
  • Remember to bring your own tent! There will not be enough canvas wall tents for everyone, and you don't know if there will be any left by the time you arrive. For those who are staying in the canvas wall tents, remember: two to a tent.
  • Pack for a weekend campout. Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow if you want it, work clothes, toiletries, rain gear, water bottle, money for the Trading Post, etc. You won't need to bring a mess kit, but you do need to bring your Field Uniform (Class A) and OA Sash. Remember to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly!
  • You can find a copy of the Conclave brochure that will be handed out at registration here. It includes the schedule, menu, etc.
  • We'll provide dinner (for Kawida Arrowmen) and Cracker Barrel on Friday; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Cracker Barrel on Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you come early to Conclave, you'll need to provide your own meals for anything before dinner on Friday.
  • If you can come early, that would be great! We need Arrowmen to help put the final touches on camp, so that our guests have the best possible experience!


  • Everyone that we know will be attending Conclave has been assigned to a Service Lodge Subcommittee. Check the list here to find out which one you're on. If you're not on the list and will be attending, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your subcommittee preference.
  • You should have received an recent email with your subcommittee and contact information for your subcommittee adviser; if not, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please send your subcommittee adviser an email or phone call as soon as possible confirming that you are attending Conclave and will be helping out with that subcommittee. Note that each subcommittee has a youth chairman who is in charge, but, due to Youth Protection, we are only publishing contact information for advisers.
  • If you really want to be in a different subcommittee than the one you were assigned to, that can happen! You'll need to send an email stating your desire to your assigned subcommittee adviser, and copy it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Arrival at Conclave

  • First, check in at the Picnic Shelter. If you arrive before Friday morning, you will need to return to the Picnic Shelter on Friday morning to check in and receive your wristband.
  • You will probably be allowed to drive your vehicle up to Campsites 1 & 2 and unload your gear. Most will be able to park in the parking lot below the dam; some may need to park in the COPE Road parking lot.
  • Second, proceed to the canopy located at the junction between Campsites 1 & 2. Here, you'll receive your special Conclave t-shirt and hat, if you're providing service - up to 150 shirts/hats. You can also obtain your two Conclave Service flaps and other Kawida merchandise for trading, etc.
  • Third, set up your tent in either Campsite 1 or Campsite 2. If you wish, and there's space, you may use one of the canvas wall tents - 2 Arrowmen per tent! Remember to follow Youth Protection guidelines. If you set up your own tent, please take up as little space as possible. Space will be very limited - so pack in!
  • We'll have an entire Service Lodge meeting in the arena at 10:00 AM on Friday morning to make sure that everyone's on the same page. Be there!

At Conclave

  • We'll have another entire Service Lodge meeting at the Dan Beard Area at 11:00 PM on Friday night. It's late, but this meeting is crucial to ensure that we continue providing the best level of service to our guests.
  • Meal rotations will be by subcommittee. This will be announced at the Friday morning meeting.

Sunday at Conclave

  • Conclave may be over for our guests by 11:00 Sunday morning, but it's "just beginning" for us! We'll have lunch for Kawida Arrowmen and then clean up camp from the weekend. More information on this will be announced at the Friday morning and evening meetings, but please plan on staying at least until 3:00 PM
  • The remaining Conclave Service flaps will be sold on Sunday at 3:00 PM - no limits, youth first. You'll definitely want to stick around to obtain a few more of this very uncommon patch!

Face of Kawida

  • As Service Lodge Staff, we are the face of Kawida Lodge and the Blue Grass Council to all the Arrowmen from other lodges who will be attending. It it critically important that we all recognize and assume this role and the cheerful spirit of service! Kawida hospitality is famous - let's continue the tradition and make it even better!
  • Throughout the weekend, you will be recognized and associated with Kawida Lodge and the Blue Grass Council. You will likely be asked questions by our guests. It's important that you familiarize yourself with the Conclave brochure, schedule, meal rotations, locations, etc., so that you are able to answer these questions.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, you'll need to know who does know the answer. You can go to Nick Oliver, Sam Lyons, Nathan Vick, Aaron Shepherd (SR-6 Section Chief), Tim Brown, Don Combs, Doug Vick, Jim Cheatham (SR-6 Section Adviser), or another member of the Conclave leadership team. Alternatively, you can point the questioner towards the unfinished side of Keeneland Lodge, where the Section and Lodge Headquarters will be.

Have fun!

  • We're here to serve, but we're also here to have fun! You won't be working all the time; there will be times when you'll switch out with another Arrowman from your committee. When that happens, enjoy Conclave! It's truly a great experience.
  • The Lodge Chief has instructed that all youth are to attend the Quest Games Saturday afternoon on the Quest Field (by the dam, also known as the spillway).

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Have a great week, and see you at Conclave!!


We Need You!

As we get ready for Conclave, one of the biggest things we're doing is helping Camp McKee to look terrific! You can help, too! Below is a list of projects that need to be done around camp.

To help get these done before Conclave, we're going to have an "unofficial" workday on April 19. We'll meet at the OA Building at 9 AM; bring gloves, shovels, and lunch. However, feel free to stop by McKee any day in time before Conclave and do a project!

If you have access to a golf cart, Gator, or similar vehicle, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and bring it to Conclave! We could really use such small vehicles for transportation around McKee that weekend.

  • Road Repair
  • Picking up trash around camp
  • Adjust tents in all campsites
  • Plumbing repairs in the OA Building
  • Mopping Keeneland Lodge
  • For other projects, click here.

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