August Ordeal

Awake my Brothers! As our summer comes to an end, we must convene once more to bring new members into our order.

If you were elected to become a member of the OA in 2016, take this opportunity to complete your induction and become a member. If you are an Arrowman whose Ordeal was more than 10 months ago, you are invited to seal your membership by completing the Brotherhood Conversion. The Ordeal is truly a unique experience, filled with service, fellowship, and fun!

Registration will open at 6:00pm on Friday, August 12th. the event will end on Sunday, August 14th around 10am.

You will find the candidate packing list here

Click here to register online, and here for a hardcopy to turn into the scout office

Shelter for our Brothers in Scouting

During the Spring Ordeal, we had a Lodge Business Meeting on Saturday, May 21st. The youth members of Kawida Lodge decided to purchase an undetermined amount of replacement tents for Camp McKee. The lodge voted and approved the spending of no less than $10,000 dollars and no more than $15,000 for this cost. The motion was set in place by Deven Gonzalez and was seconded by Colin Stapleton, and then voted in with a 40 – 1 majority. These tents are desperately needed for the 2016 summer camp season. It was decided that we should consider a more efficient alternative to canvas tents, such as purchasing the nylon tents used at 2013 National Jamboree (Diamond Brand Tents). It is also understood that the framework for the tents might be more efficiently acquired through a local fabrication business. The end goal is to replace all of the tents in a single campsite and then take the good canvas tents that were in that campsite and replace other tents throughout the camp.

Congratulations to our new Section Officers!

Congratulations to our newly elected Section officers!


Harrison Fry | Section Chief


Zach Callicutt | Section Vice Chief


Paylor Eubank | Section Secretary


May you all have the best of luck in planning next year’s conclave at Boxwell Scout Reservation!