High Adventure

Summit Bechtel Reserve

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the BSA’s newest high adventure base. It has a wide variety of activities: world-class climbing and whitewater rafting, many types of shooting, mountain biking, trails, incredibly long zip lines, and more!

The Summit will be the permanent home for future BSA National Jamborees, as well as the 2019 World Jamboree. Programs offered include a high adventure program similar to the other high adventure bases, a Scout camp, and a national training center.

Phone Number: (304) 250-6750
Address: 68 Crossroads Mall, Mount Hope, WV 25880

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Northern Tier

One of the most respected wilderness areas, Northern Tier National High Adventure Base is located near Ely, Minnesota. It’s the takeoff point for canoe trips into the wildest, most uninhabited canoeing country ever organized to be used to train Scouts in the art of wildernes exploration. Its three bases (Charles L. Sommers, Don Rogert, and Northern Expeditions Canoe Bases) provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore the surrounding land. This land is composed of hundreds of miles of Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the U.S. Superior National Forest and Quetio Provincial Park in Canada. There are more than 2,000 lakes and 4,000 square miles of rough country for Scouts to explore.Northern Tier is wild and exciting, but safe. Each group is trained and prepared for their trip to be able to live in the wilderness. Each crew is accompanied by a guide who advises the crew and helps them find the route they have selected. All other activities are carried out by the crew, such as cooking, packing, care of equipment, route selection, cleanup, and other details which go along with living in the wilderness.

Group size is limited to nine, including the guide and unit adults. Two historic canoe trips can take you from Charles L. Sommers to the east or west, to routes traveled by French voyagers and trappers. Winter programs are also available on a limited basis.

Phone Number: (575) 376-2281
Charles L. Sommers Address: 14790 Forest Route 438 Ely, MN 55731-8291
Don Rogert Canoe Base Address: Perch Lake Rd Atikokan, ON P0T 1C0, Canada

Charles L. Sommers

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Don Rogert Canoe Base

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Florida Sea Base

The Florida High Adventure program is headquartered in the heart of the fabulous Florida Keys. Scouting’s newest and most complete aquatic facility offers sailing of crafts 14 feet to 65 feet, wind surfing, motorboating, canoeing, deep sea fishing, lobstering, exploring the ecosystem of the Florida Keys, studying oceanography, and getting a fisheye view of marine biology.The Sea Base facilities include a large, fully equipped “galley” and dining area, elevated dormitories overlooking Florida bay, a swimming area with marker buoys, and large and small docks for the large sailing yachts and smaller vessels you will be using.

Within a mile of shore an extensive underwater coral garden forms a barrier reef protecting the island where the base is located. You’ll come face to face with thousands of multi-hued fish. The area abounds with stories of unequalled adventure.

Phone Number: (305) 664-4173
Address: 73800 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL 33036

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Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont is probably the base most familiar to Arrowmen. It is a wilderness area composed of 137,000 acres (200 square miles) of camping and hiking country. Located in northeast New Mexico near Cimarron, it lies in the slopes of the Sagre de Christo range of the Rocky Mountains. Backpacker magazine called Philmont, “the ideal backpacking resort.”

The land of Philmont is home of Kit Carson, the Santa Fe Trail, ancient Indians, and stories of the old west. Philmont is still an operating ranch.

The experiences at Philmont are as varied as Scouts themselves. The Expeditions are 12-day backpacking treks, while a Cavalcade is an 8-day horseback trek in the Southern Rockies. Co-ed Expeditions are available during June and August. For Scouts and Explorers not able to attend with a contingent, Mountain Men is a 6-day backpack trek designed to suit the individual’s needs. Technical rock climbing, archaeological excavation techniques, western saddle riding, outdoor leadership, and camp craft can all be learned while on the trails of Philmont. Other experiences including trail crews (7 days of trail work, 7 days of trek), Rayado, and the training center are available at Philmont. Trail size (and fees) depend on the experience desired.

Phone Number: (575) 376-2281
Address: 17 Deer Run Road, Cimarron, NM 87714

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