Carter Caves State Resort Park

A beautiful natural setting and three caves set off this state resort park as a prime opportunity for camping. Four miles north of Olive Hill, KY, Carter Caves State Resort Park is tucked away in the mountains to provide a bit of solace to those who desire it. A naturalist is on duty to guide guests through the caves and through the surrounding wilderness. The campgrounds are open year-round.The state resort park is approximately one-thousand acres, and is noted for its cave system, which honeycombs through the hills. In addition to eight day hiking trails ranging from 0.1 miles to 10 miles, there are two cave tours available. The Cascade Cavern Tour, an hour-long leisurely walk, features the Counterfeiter’s Room, the “Hanging Gardens of Solomon,” and many other limestone formations. The X-Cave tour features a giant column, a pipe organ, and many other interesting geological features.

Phone Number: (606) 286-4411
Address: 344 Caveland Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164

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Carr Creek State Park

Located near Hazard, KY, this state park contains a 750 acre lake and boasts the longest sand beach of any Kentucky State Park. Facilities include 39 campsites (closed from mid-November to mid-March), fishing, and boating.

Phone Number: (606) 642-4050
Address: 2086 Smithboro Road, Highway 15, Sassafras, KY 41759

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Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park

Located near Mt. Olivet, KY, this is the site of the Battle of Blue Licks, which occurred on August 19, 1782, and was one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War. There is a granite shaft there which bears the names of those who died in the battle, and there is a pioneer museum which houses many relics, including a collection of prehistoric remains unearthed at the park. Facilities include 51 campsites, 5 miles of hiking trails, miniature golf, and a swimming pool.

Phone Number: (859) 289-5507
Address: 10299 Maysville Road, Carlisle, KY 40311

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Camp McKee Scout Reservation

Nine hundred acres of forest make up the McKee Scout Reservation, one of the finest Scout camps in the nation. Located on Route 11, just eight miles south of Mt Sterling, KY, this rugged wilderness terrain features both a well-managed forest and a 17 acre lake that offers boating, canoeing, swimming, and fishing. During the summer months, Camp McKee is an established summer camp. Scout troops may come and stay for a week, taking full advantage of the camp’s numerous facilities. A full-time staff is on hand to help Scouts with advancement in various areas. Included are an outdoor skills area, an ecology/conservation area, a developed waterfront program, a handicraft area, archery, rifle, and shotgun ranges, and a special first year camper’s program. Special activities are held each day for the camper’s enjoyment. Campers sleep two to a tent on metal cots with mattresses. The large, air-conditioned dining hall has ample space for a large group of campers.

Troop camping is available not only during the summer, but throughout the entire year. The McKee Scout Reservation contains 13 developed campsites and one cabin that are open for use year-round. The Pioneer Mountain Trail, a 12 mile circular trail, is within the camp’s boundaries.

Phone Number: (859) 498-1328
Address: 8695 Levee Road, Jeffersonville, KY 40337

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Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail

The Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail system is a historical loop trail located in Frankfort, KY, and operated by Troop 269. The Buffalo Trail begins at the Old Capitol building in downtown Frankfort, and winds through the city and into the surrounding countryside. Parts of the trail follow the route that herd after herd of buffalo traveled in their search for salt licks. This trail also takes in the side of Fort Hill, used many times in defense of the trail and the city. The Wah-La-Ha Trail begins where the Buffalo Trail ends, and travels entirely along roads. It goes past the State Capitol, the Floral Clock, the Singing Bridge, and ends up at the start of the Buffalo Trail. The Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail system is sponsored by Wah-La-Ha – Buffalo Trails, Inc. This organization makes medals and patches available to those who successfully complete one or both of the trails.

Approval is required prior to hiking the trail. One will need the “Official Trail Credentials,” a brochure made available by Wah-La-Ha – Buffalo Trails, Inc. This document is very informative about the history of the trails, and contains a detailed set of trail rules, information, and the questions one must answer along the trail in order to earn the patch. One may hike the Buffalo Trail, or the Wah-La-Ha Trail, or both. A full Scout uniform is required while hiking. Please use the below contact information for more information and for the Trail Credentials.

Buffalo Trail Length: 5.5 miles
Wah-La-Ha Trail Length: 7.0 miles

Phone Number: (502) 330-1146
Address: 760 E. Main St., Frankfort, KY 40601

Big Bone Lick State Historic Site

This site is known for its large amounts of fossils that were preserved in the salty marshland called Big Bone Lick. Bones found in this region are still displayed in museums around the world. Visitors can walk through a natural outdoor museum with replicas and exhibits which tell the story of the Big Bone Lick. There is a 4.5 mile Discovery Trail behind the Visitor’s Center, and a campground which contains 62 campsites and is open most of the year (closed from November 30 to March 1). The site is located near Union, KY, on Highway 338, and can be accessed at Exit 175 on Interstate 75. The site itself is open year-round.

Phone Number: (859) 384-3522
Address: 3380 Beaver Road, Union, KY 41091

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This trail is known for its challenge and for its suitability for backpacking, although it can be hiked in one day. It is hard to become lost on this trail because it is so well maintained, and is also well marked for nature buffs. Part of the Jenny Wiley trail system, it is arranged in four loops and is located in Carter and Elliot Counties. The trail follows the shore of Grayson Lake for most of its distance. Some flooding may occasionally occur in small segments, but well marked alternate trails remove this problem. There are designated campsites along the way.

Total Length: 22.0 miles

http://www.lrh.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Kentucky/GraysonLake.aspx (Click on ‘Recreation’ near the bottom of this website)
US Army Corps of Engineers: (606) 474-5107

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