Mischa Mokwa Adventure Trail

The Mischa Mokwa Adventure Trail is a composite of three different trails, which together make one of the best known trails to Scouts in the Blue Grass Council. Famous (or perhaps infamous) as an excellent Philmont preparation trail, the Mischa Mokwa is also great for units wishing to challenge themselves. A common way of hiking the trail includes staying at nearby Wilderness Road Campground the first night, hiking up the trail early the next morning, staying at one of the campsites part-way along the trail, and then finishing the trail the second morning.

The Gibson Gap trail is relatively even during the first couple of miles, and then goes steeply uphill. Once at the top, one proceeds along the Ridge Trail, passing multiple campsites and Hensley Settlement, a small frontier outpost. This part of the trail seems to take much longer than it appears on the map. Once past Hensley Settlement, the trail continues for several more miles before reaching a junction of trails, one of which leads to the two major geological features of the area, Sand Cave and White Rocks. Sand Cave is an enormous cave or rock shelter, and White Rocks is an overlook with a stunning view. The Ewing Trail then goes steeply downhill to Civic Park.

A free permit is required for camping along the trail and can be obtained at the nearby ranger station.

Phone: 606-248-2817

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