Red River Gorge & Clifty Wilderness

The Red River Gorge Geological Area surrounds the middle section of the Red River, and covers 25,662 acres of terrain. Sky Bridge, one of the most spectacular natural arches found in the area, is a solid rock span stretching across the top of a thin ridge, and offers campers a magnificent view of the Gorge. The area contains many rockshelters, lighthouses, and arches. Thirty-six miles of loop trails can be found in the park, and campgrounds and picnic areas have been provided. Also, a section of the Upper Red River provides white water canoeing and rafting opportunities. Primitive camping sites are available within the Geological Area year-round.

Clifty Wilderness is a rugged pocket of cliffs, bluffs, steep canyons, rocky creeks, rockshelters, and arches. The variation in topography has created a complex of different habitats with an unusually large number of plant species. It contains at least 15 sensitive, rare, or endangered plant species among more than 750 different flowering plants and 170 species of moss. The wilderness offers hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, and canoeing opportunities, however, it is an undeveloped, rugged area.

The Red River Gorge and Clifty Wilderness are immediately adjacent to each other, and trails run through both areas. They are some of the best areas in Kentucky for Scout camping and hiking!
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