Summer Induction Weekend 2017

Hello newly elected friends, and welcome to your first step on your Order of the Arrow journey! On the weekend of August 11-13, you are  invited  to attend the Summer Induction Weekend, or otherwise called “Summer Ordeal.” This weekend will be a wonderful life changing event that will be held in your heart for the rest of your life! Parents, if you have any questions or concerns about what will and will not happen after your election team has spoken with you, feel free to contact us at /

You can find a PDF of the packing list here

You can register online here or you may print off a hard copy here, fill it out and turn it in to the scout office by August 9but DO NOT DO BOTH

We are very excited to see you or your scout at Camp McKee at 6:00 on August 11-13


Calling all youth brothers!

Think back to when you were first inducted into the OA. Remember that Arrowman that seeked you out or the Indian that played the drum. Remember how you felt during your call out with all the Indians talking, the drum being played loudly, and the 2 Arrowman running back and forth picking boys . Would you want to be one of those men .

The Vice Chief of Brotherhood is currently seeking out people for our ceremonies teams this year. If you are interested email and cc Please include Name and Honor so we can call upon you when needed!