Lodge Executive Committee

What is the LEC?

The LEC is the group of youth chairmen and officers of Kawida Lodge that serve on the governing body of the lodge. The LEC makes decisions about merchandise designs, event scheduling and planning, and the many other operations of the lodge. All youth chairmen, Chapter Chiefs, and Lodge officers are voting members, and all adult advisers are non-voting members. More information about the LEC can be found in The Guide.


Committee Types

Administrative Committees

Administrative committees such as the trading post, publications, and training committees serve the lodge in the background, assisting their respective officers.

Event Committees

Event committees like registration, food service, and elangomat committees aid in the essential part of running most events, from cooking the food for all arrowmen, to checking people in as they arrive.

Inductions & AIA Committees

Inductions & AIA committees include brotherhood, ceremonies committees which are responsible for their part in ensuring all arrowmen have a quality induction experience, and even trained ceremonialists.

Intermittent Committees

Intermittent Committees are convened by the Lodge Chief, and serve specific purposes. From selecting the annual Vigil honor recipients, to confirming nominations for lodge awards, these committees are the ones responsible for it.

Do any of these committees sound fun? Do you have experience in any of these areas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we could really use your help! Email the lodge chief, at chief@kawida.org, or you can fill out the committee interest form, or just email the committee you wish to join!​